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Juggling Performance, Availability and Security

By Tony Lock A recent report from Freeform Dynamics illustrates that many corporate networks are[...]

Controlling Application Access

Application performance, availability and security challenges are quietly creeping up in the context of internal[...]

The Security Education Dilemma

By Charles Brett Security covers many dimensions, including the physical and logical. As such many[...]

Are we barking up the wrong mobile data protection tree?

By Charles Brett Professional IT prefers disciplined approaches which back up, or copy, all enterprise[...]

Software Defined Networking (SDN) continues to move forwards

By Charles Brett and Tony Lock During an Analyst Briefing at the IBM Development Laboratory[...]

The Business Value of Data Protection

By Tony Lock The data held in every business is valuable and in the current[...]

Device Proliferation and Data Fragmentation

By Tony Lock Bring your own device (BYOD) continues to attract considerable attention, but the[...]

Data fragmentation challenges for CIOs

By Tony Lock A recent survey by Freeform Dynamics confirmed that access to accurate information[...]

The End User Security Jigsaw

Organisations of all sizes are trying to understand the security implications of mobile working, device[...]

The Data Protection Imperative

In this short paper, we spell out why the time has come to adopt a[...]

Data Protection as a Business Enabler

While the importance of business information is almost universally recognised, few organisations have enjoyed either[...]

Storage Anywhere and Everywhere

With more departmental applications, collaboration and sharing environments, and even cloud-based services, with access via[...]

Managing expanding business – Critical Linux workloads

Evidence from users in the real world shows that for large workloads, the mainframe offers[...]

DCIM and Energy Management

By Tony Lock Over several decades IT management has focussed almost exclusively on keeping servers[...]

Workload placement in a hybrid world

Research shows that you are going to mix your platforms and deployment models in the[...]

Security, privacy and data protection

By Tony Lock Many businesses today are faced with the challenge of rapidly fluctuating operating[...]

Your local Public Cloud

By Andrew Buss A few weeks back we looked at the role that private and[...]

Freedom without Anarchy

Empowering employees through the delegation of authority and trust can enhance innovation and productivity. But[...]

Analytics and Big Data

By Tony Lock ‘Big Data’ is a hot topic receiving considerable attention from the marketing[...]

Why you need an interactive archive

Many organisations today only archive data when there is some external legislative driver forcing their[...]

Big Data and Analytics

Results of a web survey illustrate the state of business information and analytics today. Just[...]

A more intelligent approach to security

At the RSA Conference 2012 in London, one of the key themes to emerge was[...]

Datacentre in a box – Something for everyone?

CIOs have a tough job delivering an expanding range of services to ever more demanding[...]

The Big Data Revolution

Big Data suffers misuse but at its heart is really about getting more value from[...]