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Looking at the threat landscape – It’s getting scary out there….

Jon Collins and MessageLabs’ Paul Wood examine some of the current threats we all face,[...]

Delivering on identity and access management

By Jon Collins At a recent panel event involving senior security managers and chief information[...]

Making IT Work In The Real World

Most organisations run a mix of systems in their IT infrastructure. One of the challenges[...]

IT security and Governance

By Jon Collins It has sometimes been said that in Information Technology, the emphasis has[...]

Data Retention

by Jon Collins and Martin Atherton Earlier last year we conducted some research on the[...]

Resiliency in the Real World

by Tony Lock A recent report by Freeform Dynamics shows that IT systems fail. What‟s[...]

The Impact of IT Security Attitudes

by Jon Collins Much has been written about the existence of various threats, internal and[...]

Email resiliency and the SMB

by Martin Atherton For most businesses, IT is linked to multiple facets of activity: product[...]

Secure USB

by Jon Collins When the USB standard was first launched, few would have imagined the[...]

Risk and Resilience

The application availability gamble The modern business is highly dependent on IT. When systems go[...]

What governance can really mean to business

by Martin Atherton Governance is a term you’ll have heard bandied about a lot, usually[...]

Data Governance in the Software Lifecycle

by Martin Atherton, Jon Collins and Dale Vile Many organisations have been driving improvements in[...]

Data Governance in Software Testing

by Jon Collins In the research report Data Governance in the Software Lifecycle we consider[...]

Information Governance

by Martin Atherton and Jon Collins Forward thinking organisations no longer just talk about governance,[...]

Security no longer just about hackers

by Jon Collins I went to a fascinating panel session a couple of weeks ago,[...]

Centrally Managed Protection of Critical Business Content

By Jon Collins and David Perry The last few years have seen a revolution in[...]

Managing Access Securely

Authentication that works for the evolving organisation