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Trust and risk in the cloud

Stick enough kit and multi-tenant software in one huge data centre and there is no[...]

What is the point of End Point Protection?

How we should be protecting our PCs Security threats have existed for almost as long[...]

The alternatives to password protection

In a world where it is possible to create credential-stealing malware and where users are[...]

The perception and reality of cloud security

Some back to front thinking in evidence? One of the most frequent concerns about cloud[...]

Modern solutions to an ever-growing challenge

What could be new about backup and recovery? After all, everyone has been doing it[...]

Disaster recovery blurs into high availability (or other way round?)

IT managers use two terms when talking about systems availability. These are: High Availability or[...]

Shaping your next desktop upgrade

The economic downturn caused many companies to delay their desktop and notebook refresh plans, but[...]

The industrialisation of the IT Threat Landscape

Business and IT are now changing with a rapidity never before seen while at the[...]

CIOs and ’Data Protection’

By Tony Lock The rapid growth in the amount of stored data means that the[...]

Data encryption adoption represents a significant opportunity

By Andrew Buss Data protection continues to be a top of mind subject for many[...]

Keys to data encryption adoption

Data protection remains top-of-mind for many companies. Data losses continue across both public and private[...]

The threat and promise of server virtualisation security

Given that IT security is all about understanding, and mitigating risks, it is inevitably going[...]

Moving beyond user rights – Protecting data first

It goes without saying that IT systems should, in principle, be secured so that only[...]

Is there a case for encrypting backups?

For most organisations, backups form an essential part of the day to day activities of[...]

Managing IT and business risk in the times of eroding enterprise boundaries

Managing risk in business has always been more of an art form than a science.[...]

Solvency II: Threat or Opportunity?

By Dale Vile and Jon Collins INTRODUCTION The emergence of new regulation always presents a[...]

Collaboration, complexity and compliance

The trouble with some terms we use in IT is that they take on a[...]

Who cares about encryption?

We’re used to getting a hundred or so responses from the mini-polls we run, but[...]

The terror beyond the firewall

“The office” is fast becoming, for many organisations, a thing of the past – at[...]

Doing the right thing on ID management isn’t enough. It’s proving that you did it

In a previous article we looked at Identity Management and access provisioning as an end[...]

Those demanding mobile users

For years, when we asked Reg readers what worried them about mobile, “security” was top[...]

The cloud’s impact on security?

We tried to get through this workshop without using the five letter C-word, but we[...]

Mobile technology and security

By Josie Sephton In a nutshell: The issue of security when thinking about flexible working[...]

Threat or opportunity?

By Martin Atherton In a nutshell: When it comes to data protection and information security[...]