Sponsorship Program

As you will have seen from this website, much of the work we do is openly published on a free-of-charge basis. We do this because we believe that all IT and business professionals should benefit from thought-leading analyst research, even if they can’t afford or justify ‘big firm’ subscriptions.

The Role of Sponsors

To make this work, we invite sponsors to fund many of our research studies in return for the rights to use the output to support their sales, marketing and PR activities. The materials produced vary depending on the package, but typically include assets such as an ‘exec-ready’ research report, a reusable results deck, and a set of narratives to support your own comms. We can also deliver infographics, blogs, video content and more, and/or collaborate with your internal campaign team or agency staff creating additional assets.

Proven Model with High Impact and ROI

We’ve been working with clients large and small on sponsored research projects for over 15 years. The model is well-proven and yields exceptional ROI compared to classic market research engagements. The other thing our clients really like is our end-to-end analyst-driven approach, which means you can leave us to do all the heavy-lifting from design, through analysis, to the creation of a compelling and engaging set of deliverables.

We’re happy just to chat and explore

We don’t have sales people at Freeform Dynamics so you’ll always be dealing with a member of the research team. So, checkout our up-and-coming themes and get in touch if you see something you like, or just want to kick around an idea – we’d love to hear from you.

Research Themes Open to Sponsorship

For the remainder of 2023, we are looking to conduct research in these areas:

AI in the Enterprise: Insights for IT Teams
Our aim here is to produce research to help IT teams lay the groundwork from a platform, service and skills perspective to address the most likely AI use cases over the coming 3 years.

The Intersection of DevOps and AI Ops
At the moment we see two separate streams of activity playing out, so we’ll be looking at how advances in automation and platform engineering can enable a more joined up approach.

Storage in a Dynamic, Hybrid World
We’ve spent so much time researching and writing about workload management and orchestration, but IT teams now need help with the problem of dynamic, hybrid data. This is our focus here.

Application Modernisation
This is one of the areas in which we hear the most demand, and we have a number of study ideas here to do with physical infrastructure, software platforms, tooling and, of course, the cloud.

ESG and Data Sovereignty: Who cares?
These might seem like two different areas, but we have taken myriad vendor briefings positioning simultaneously around both. We want to take a close look at who really cares, and why?

Have an idea of your own?

In addition to the above, we’re constantly working up new ideas, so if none of the above appeal, we are always happy to discuss your own thoughts and requirements, so please get in touch.