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So long, and thanks for all the phish

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Managing Web and Mobile Security Risk

Securing the applications and services that underpin your online and mobile presence is one thing,[...]

Rethinking long term data management

The emerging role of active archiving

Managing Cloud Complexity

The emerging role of converged services

IT Decision-Making in the Digital Age

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A peek behind the AI bandwagon

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Data encryption must be a priority for the digital business

Organizations large and small are investing in digital transformation programs, cloud migration projects, and enterprise[...]

Intelligent Systems in Action

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Cyber Security Ownership and Responsibility

It’s easy to be caught out by a cyber attack or internal mistake that leads[...]

APIs and the Digital Enterprise

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been around for decades. In the early days of IT[...]

Building a Curated Digital Hub

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Tackling End User Content Sprawl

In a nutshell The problem of content sprawl has been around since the early days[...]

Readers of The Register speak out on Thin Client technology

Managing PC estates is a time-consuming, expensive and thankless task. Better provisioning and management tools[...]

Network Security Solutions

IT Security is complex and trying to work out whether it is better to use[...]

Data Protection and Management in a Box

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Taking Cyber Security to the Next Level

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Mobile Security and the Challenge of User Resistance

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Future Proofing Your Network

Network traffic flows have become pretty complex in today’s distributed business environment, and not just[...]