Focus on people as well as technology

Modern technology and digital services can transform the way organisations work and the results they achieve. At Freeform Dynamics, we are driven by a passionate desire to help businesses of every size realise this potential.

We believe this can only be achieved with a focus on people, so central to everything we do is a deep understanding of the priorities, needs and aspirations of IT and business professionals.

Through continuous research and dialogue, we know what matters to people and why, and how perceptions, concerns and even the language people use often differs based on their background, role and situation. These insights, along with extensive industry knowledge, allow us to help IT buyers and sellers tune into each other more quickly and effectively. We enable faster and better decisions, accelerate time to value, and foster mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone concerned.

Serving the needs of the broader community

Our research is for everyone, not just the minority of senior people in large enterprises who have access to analyst material via expensive ‘big firm’ subscriptions. We recognise that planning and decision-making today is an inclusive activity, involving input and recommendations from IT managers, architects, project managers, developers, operations staff and other IT professionals, as well as stakeholders within the business who have an interest in how technology can transform or optimise the way they work.

With this in mind, we make no secret of the fact that much of our work is funded by IT vendors, through a model that allows us to make the highest quality insights available free-of-charge to the broader community. Many vendors and service providers are keen to invest in having their brands associated with material that genuinely puts the interests of their customers first. Our sponsors are drawn from this subset of suppliers that really ‘get’ the principle of customer centricity.

Want to know more?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our company, its name, insights into more specific aspects of how we work, and the various ways in which you can engage us.