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The consumerisation of IT: it’s a trickle, not a tide, but you still need to be ready

If media headlines and vendor claims are to be believed, organisations today are faced with[...]

Enabling Rapid and Effective IT Recovery

IT vendors have traditionally targeted the lucrative large enterprise market with their data protection and[...]

Disaster Recovery in European SMBs

By Tony Lock, Martha Bennett and Dale Vile KEY POINTS The term ‘disaster recovery’ is[...]

The Consumerisation of IT (Slides)

Audience – IT & Business professionals Occasion – VMUG Meeting, Leeds, October 2011 Presenter(s) –[...]

The SME security challenge

Over the years, research findings have consistently demonstrated widespread exposure to risk when it comes[...]

Time to get serious about managing security

Do you know what’s running in your network? In this time of ever increasing security[...]

Compliance: The legal landscape and how to navigate it

Every IT professional recognises the im­portance of securing the IT systems on which critical business[...]

The evolution of desktop security

The operating habits of users render passwords as the primary mechanism to secure any application[...]

The workload challenge

Today, IT Infrastructure is evolving at a tremendous pace. The Mainframe computer, now often referred[...]

RSA hack demonstrates need for proactive security and multi-layer protection

The recent news that RSA Security suffered a security attack and breach that resulted in[...]

Trust and security in the cloud

By Andrew Buss & Dale Vile KEY FINDINGS Many companies could do much better when[...]

The realities of SaaS and Security

With upgrades to Windows 7 and Office 2010 high on the agenda, questions are being[...]

SaaS suppliers are no black box, evaluation is key

An aspect of cloud computing that is often overlooked is supplier evaluation and management. We[...]

SaaS security: it comes down to knowing what you are doing

A lot of things have happened recently that may cause us to think twice about[...]

SaaS providers – The good, the bad and the ugly

Interested in software as a service (SaaS) but worried about the risks to your information?[...]

Buying into the cloud

A lot of companies are reporting that individual departments and even business users are adopting[...]

Software as a service can breed dependency so choose suppliers with care

Cloud computing is frequently likened to utility services such as electricity, water or gas. If[...]

The weakest link in Software as a Service

The delivery of cloud based application functionality via the Software as a Service (SaaS) model[...]

Secure your departmental apps

Throughout a workshop on The Register, we’ve been looking at resiliency and security for hosted[...]

What you think about SaaS

Throughout a workshop conducted on The Register, we have been looking at the factors that[...]

Whose data is it anyway?

Losing control of one’s data is among the first concerns that arise when software as[...]

Putting the SaaS into security management

In all areas of business, security and privacy are built on good policy, properly applied.[...]

Is cloud data secure?

Would your data be more secure in the hands of Google or left where it[...]

A question of performance

Software as a service (SaaS) promises a lot but many are still nervous about relying[...]