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Future Proofing Your Network

Network traffic flows have become pretty complex in today’s distributed business environment, and not just[...]

Cloud and Security Challenges

Cloud adoption is taking place in organisations of all sizes. Internal cloud systems are being[...]

Cloud Security Temperature Check

In a recent online survey in which responses were gathered from almost three hundred IT[...]

What scares you most about ‘the cloud’?

Cloud computing has gone mainstream. While a hard-core of naysayers still exists, the black-and-white negative[...]

Eight Best Practices for Cloud Security

There’s been a lot of FUD spread around in recent years on the subject of[...]

Data Protection and RAID

Rapid data growth, a greater emphasis on operational risk and developments in storage hardware are[...]

Hyper-Scale Data Management

The term ‘Software Defined Storage’ is used to describe a wide range of ideas and[...]

The ’feel-good’ factor is good for business

People who feel good while doing their job tend to work better, contribute more and[...]

Snooper-proofing laptops and tablets?

Given how important the company’s data is and the ever more stringent nature of the[...]

A new approach to verifying user identity

By Tony Lock We all know that trying to authenticate our users when they access[...]

21st century data protection: Get back up to date

In this webcast discover how you create a new architecture for backup and recovery, how[...]

Security policy and EU data protection regulation

Websense research finds that 40% of UK security professionals never speak to their executive board[...]

Disaster Recovery for the masses

Most organisations, even SMBs, have some sort of plans to deal with recovery from disasters,[...]

Manage security in real time

You face more, and more dangerous threats every day – drive-by infections, APTs, executive targeted[...]

Do more of your apps deserve better DR?

What does IT disaster recovery (DR) mean to you? Does it bring to mind racks[...]

The Democratization of IT Disaster Recovery

If it has been a while since you thought about your DR measures, or a[...]

Have you planned for a ’friendly’ DDoS attack?

Malicious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks do not occur often. Nevertheless, for an enterprise[...]

Mobile security is more than protecting local data

By now we’ve all heard the term Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This phenomenon is[...]

What are APT’s?

What is an APT? APT stands for Advanced Persistent Threat. The goal of this form[...]

Say What?

Recently I attended the IBM Security Systems Analyst Meet the Experts day in Heathrow. With[...]

Security: the oft-forgotten dimension

Computer security is a hot topic today, and much talked about. There are endless emanations[...]

Computer Security: Knowing What You Don’t Know

100 per cent security is a fantasy: you will be attacked by both known and[...]

The State of Network Infrastructure

By Tony Lock Networks are the glue that allow users to function effectively in their[...]