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Xero highlights the role of the modern software ecosystem

Looking beyond the technology I recently caught up with Gary Turner, co-founder and managing of[...]

Fast Track to Enterprise Cloud

Integrated platforms as a route to digital readiness

Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Change

It’s not just about platform automation

Desktop virtualization as an accelerator of digital transformation

Fast-track creation of a modern digital workspace

Causes of software development woes

Respondents point the finger at ambiguous requirements

Routes to AI goodness

Analyst opinion It’s all too easy to conflate the kind of AI being hyped in[...]

Requirements-driven software development and quality management

Removing the ambiguity from your delivery pipeline

The monitoring capability gap

Time for a more proactive approach to investment?

Is HoloLens a serious business tool?

It's beginning to look that way

CFO Technology Investment Guide Infographic

Why prioritise storage modernisation

The Enterprise Cloud Imperative

Have cloud investments to date laid a good enough foundation for the future, or is[...]

Tales from a veteran Dragon user

It was 2001, and I was sitting there with my arm in a sling feeling[...]

The Impact of Automation on IT Operations

Over three quarters of those surveyed in a recent multi-national study said the pressure on[...]

Building a data-savvy digital infrastructure

Fujitsu’s MetaArc and NetApp’s Data Fabric in context

Storage modernisation

An evaluation and decision guide for IT teams

Investing in data storage

A guide for business executives

A Finance Perspective on Storage Investments

Getting past ‘No’ with your CFO

Software quality vs speed of delivery

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? Much has been written about[...]

Don’t Let an Outdated Software Strategy Hold You Back

Yesterdays software delivery processes are not up to dealing with today’s demands, but modernising you[...]

Modern Storage for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Advanced solutions deliver SMBs power and simplicity

Continuous Testing as a digital business enabler

Lessons from leading practitioners

Application Platforms Matter

Cloud services are increasingly becoming part of the IT delivery mix, but a recent study[...]

The 2nd Generation All-Flash Opportunity Infographic

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