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Beware the application complexity monster

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The Application Complexity Monster

Do you really want to keep feeding it?

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Research results: It's not just about quality

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Content priorities in the IT decision cycle

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The life sciences collaboration gap

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Google has got serious about Enterprise IT

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The stuff they don’t tell you about workplace transformation

Tips and tricks for getting past those ‘people problems’

Is IBM relevant to today’s mainstream?

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Managing Software Exposure

Time to fully embed security into your application lifecycle

Data Protection Revisited – Business

A risk review and investment guide for business executives

All-in-one Data Protection

Taking the pain out of information management

Laying the foundations for Enterprise AI

An architectural approach to deep learning platforms

Xero highlights the role of the modern software ecosystem

Looking beyond the technology I recently caught up with Gary Turner, co-founder and managing of[...]

Fast Track to Enterprise Cloud

Integrated platforms as a route to digital readiness

Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Change

It’s not just about platform automation

Desktop virtualization as an accelerator of digital transformation

Fast-track creation of a modern digital workspace

Causes of software development woes

Respondents point the finger at ambiguous requirements

Routes to AI goodness

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Requirements-driven software development and quality management

Removing the ambiguity from your delivery pipeline

The monitoring capability gap

Time for a more proactive approach to investment?

Is HoloLens a serious business tool?

It's beginning to look that way