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Taking Cyber Security to the Next Level

As cyber security threats become more sophisticated, targeted and persistent, it’s no longer possible to[...]

Safe and Secure Mobile Working

For many of us, our work life and social life are becoming intermingled. We can[...]

The Escalating Mobile Security Challenge

Just as IT professionals and others responsible for mobile security have come to terms with[...]

Mobile Security and the Challenge of User Resistance

Mobile security is becoming more of a headache as the crossover between business and personal[...]

User-Centric Mobile Security

Not so long ago, many were speculating that ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) would define[...]

Future Proofing Your Network

Network traffic flows have become pretty complex in today’s distributed business environment, and not just[...]

Mobile Working without the Tears

As both company and personally owned mobile devices are increasingly used in business, understanding and[...]

Windows Server 2003 end of support – Don’t panic, do something secure, now

Webcast recorded 12th June 2015 Firstly, Tony Lock and Dale Vile show you where your[...]

Cloud Security Temperature Check

In a recent online survey in which responses were gathered from almost three hundred IT[...]

What scares you most about ‘the cloud’?

Cloud computing has gone mainstream. While a hard-core of naysayers still exists, the black-and-white negative[...]

Evolution of the OpenText portfolio

A few days into my first software sales role back in the 90’s, I was[...]

Storage Quality of Service Management

Organisations are increasingly turning to multi-tiered shared storage environments to deal with growing data volumes,[...]

Orchestrating the DevOps Tool Chain

A great deal has been written about how trends in digital communication and engagement are[...]

Data Virtualisation for DevOps

The DevOps movement is supported by a whole range of tools, and is particularly well[...]

Strategic DevOps Adoption

An interesting remark I heard at a recent CIO gathering was “DevOps is the first[...]

Virgin Media Business and its SMB proposition

Over the years, I have grown increasingly sceptical about the ability of most Telcos to[...]

The Promise and Practicalities of Flash

With the flash storage market developing rapidly it’s important to understand the nature of the[...]

Hyper-Scale Data Management

The term ‘Software Defined Storage’ is used to describe a wide range of ideas and[...]

Devices, recruitment and staff retention

In a nutshell Some say it’s not possible to recruit and retain good staff nowadays[...]

Build a DevOps culture

Everyone’s talking about DevOps, but not everyone can do it. This webcast covers the balance[...]


Meeting basic storage needs has been a necessity for some time now. But with rapid[...]

Creating the Storage Advantage

By Dale Vile Management Summary Most organisations are able to deal with their basic storage[...]

Industry analysts and the IT decision cycle

By Dale Vile Industry analysts provide information, insights and guidance to help technology buyers and[...]

Creating more harmony around end user computing

In a nutshell Tensions frequently arise between business units and the IT teams as users[...]