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Generative AI tooling: Is the user the weakest link?

One of the challenges I’ve had with generative AI is figuring out where the real[...]

IT Sustainability: Passive vs Active Gains

In the 20 odd years that I’ve been following developments in ‘Green IT’, the industry[...]

Canon comes out of the closet on information management

When I received an invitation to attend another Canon industry analyst event, I was in[...]

Mainframe skills; time to flip the telescope around?

The more I learn about the world of mainframes, the more I find myself drawn[...]

S/4HANA Migration: Is Selective Transformation the Answer?

The last big market survey carried out by Freeform Dynamics on SAP migration was completed[...]

IT transformation fatigue? Time to bust those big bang blues

As an industry analyst, you always want your questions answered openly, confidently and convincingly when[...]

Mainframes and workload placement: Time for a dose of objectivity?

When Tony Lock and I interviewed Reg Harbeck, Chief Strategist at Mainframe Analytics Ltd, it[...]

From clipboards to smart data capture; how software-defined scanning is changing the game

When I first heard about ‘smart data capture’, I couldn’t help thinking back to a[...]

The mainframe skills crunch; an outsider vs insider perspective

During my career, I’ve worked hands-on with a great many operating systems, programming languages, mainstream[...]

Taking IT Cost Tracking and FinOps to the next level

A CIO I interviewed recently told me candidly: “It’s always a bit nerve wracking when[...]

Mainframe Skills: Challenge or Opportunity?

People in mainframe circles have been talking about skills development and succession planning ever since[...]

Challenging the traditional boundaries between IAM and UEM

It’s always refreshing to engage with vendors who aren’t bound by the rigid category definitions[...]

Making IT sustainability more objective and actionable

I’ve heard a lot of pitches from technology companies on how they can help customers[...]

From Barcode Scanning to Smart Data Capture

Time for a more intelligent approach

Beyond the Barcode: Smart Data Capture

The emerging business imperative for richer, smarter data collection

Goodbye Bryan – Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague,[...]

Making supplier management work better

68 IT leaders provide their insights

Optimising your supplier base for 2024

    Other infographics in this series are Making supplier management work better and Getting[...]

Getting the most from your key suppliers

    Other infographics in this series are Making supplier management work and Optimising your[...]

What does “Investment in Generative AI” actually mean?

I’ve found myself in a number of conversations recently where the discussion has turned to[...]

Kubernetes as an enterprise multi-cloud enabler

Building out your environment to create a full lifecycle delivery platform

CIO perceptions of vendor AI marketing

With all the recent press coverage, it’s not surprising to see IT vendors clamouring to[...]