Integrated platforms as a route to digital readiness

Cloud computing in its many forms has lowered the cost, resource and skills hurdles to adoption of advanced platform and application capabilities. If you are part of a start-up, or have the luxury of otherwise working on a discrete, greenfield digital initiative, all of this is clearly music to your ears. Make the right decisions, and you have everything you need to move the business forward quickly and cost effectively, and to maintain ongoing agility and efficiency thereafter.

Things are often very different, however, if you work in an established IT environment. The accumulation of multiple types and generations of technology over the years, all interconnected with a complex set of dependencies, means there’s a lot more to think about when introducing new delivery options into the mix. But against the backdrop of an increasingly dynamic digital world, exploiting the benefits of modern cloud platforms is becoming critical to success.

In this paper, we will explore how the latest platform technologies can enable much needed transformation within an established IT operations environment, not just to ease the pressure and enable better service delivery, but also to allow IT teams to play a much more proactive and positive part in driving the organization’s digital agenda.

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