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Linux on the Desktop

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Modernizing database technology stacks

Remember the storage upgrade option

S/4HANA Revisited

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A new perspective on the modern workplace

Forward-looking lessons from real-life pandemic experiences

Safe and Effective Remote Working

Addressing immediate pandemic-related needs while laying foundations for the future

The pandemic and productivity: a Covid-19 conundrum

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Modernize your SAP landscape

The 'no compromise' HCI option

Turning the tables on cloud service providers

Experienced customers are now calling the shots

DevOps needs more perspective and humility

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Mea culpa: Trendy isn’t the same as important

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The economics of old virtualisation platforms

Time to start regarding them as legacy?

Digital workspace disasters and how to beat them

New roles for user management and app deployment in the digital workspace

The Audio Networking Jigsaw

What you need to know as an IT professional

The Economics of Application Platforms

Don’t let anarchy or false economies hold back future-proof transformation

Beware the application complexity monster

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The Application Complexity Monster

Do you really want to keep feeding it?

The truth about software reliability

Research results: It's not just about quality

Optimizing the software supplier and customer relationship

Insights and lessons from the sharp-end

How Brexit-friendly are your SaaS contracts?

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Content priorities in the IT decision cycle

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The life sciences collaboration gap

Keeping up with evolving needs calls for a more joined up approach