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The cloud’s impact on security?

We tried to get through this workshop without using the five letter C-word, but we[...]

Time for action on storage management

The amount of data stored by organisations continues to grow very fast. It has become[...]

Cloud Confusion

By Tony Lock In this article we revisit some research conducted in 2008, covering perceptions[...]

Is it possible to measure IT Security?

It is a commonly held principle in many areas of business that if you can’t[...]

The joy of software licensing on the desktop

One of the joys of working as a manager of desktop and laptop systems is[...]

Using systems management tools in IT security

Every IT professional recognises the importance of securing the IT systems that are now at[...]

Server financing: CAPEX, OPEX or something else

In the current economic climate access to spending money is tight across all businesses. In[...]

Data security strategies and drivers

Audience – Sales and pre-sales audience selling to large enterprises and government Occasion – Annual[...]

Rethinking security. Just what are you trying to secure?

Ask any IT manager, business leader or regulator and they will tell you that IT[...]

Workload selection on mixed server estates

Over the last year or so Freeform Dynamics has asked Reg readers if the new[...]

Provisioning – how do you approach it?

Buying new physical servers has always taken time and effort. Unfortunately virtualisation has managed to[...]

Are CIOs ready to use cloud computing?

By Tony Lock Seldom in the history of IT have CIOs faced a marketing barrage[...]

Infrastructure Consolidation

By Tony Lock Research results obtained by Freeform Dynamics towards the end of 2009 show[...]

Can IT Financing and Management Models Survive IT Change?

By Tony Lock In a nutshell: The models used for businesses to create IT budgets[...]

Is your data safe – and accessible?

Data protection has been a requirement and an obligation for organisations of all sizes since[...]

The case for storage virtualisation

‘Virtualisation’ is acknowledged by IT professionals as being a pretty good thing. But when we[...]

What is service management?

This 60-minute webcast features Martin Atherton and Tony Lock, who donning business and IT hats[...]

The Great Virtualization Debate

by Tony Lock With virtualization close to the top of every CIO’s to do list,[...]

The Future Of Virtualisation?

by Tony Lock     There are few areas of IT that have developed so[...]

Security Divulgence – where’s the rub?

by Tony Lock   A couple of weeks ago I attended a roundtable, organised to[...]

Arming techies with business nous

by Tony Lock     We recently had a very interesting conversation with Martin Griss,[...]

Desktop management

by Tony Lock   Throughout much of the last 15 years a lot of attention[...]