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Email and collaboration options for MSPs

Cloud is a broad brush term that covers several different approaches to delivering IT services[...]

Taming the procurement elephant

The cost of supplying IT services inside businesses has never been more visible with considerable[...]

Email is so last century

By Tony Lock Over the course of the last year or two an assertion has[...]

Analytics and Big Data

By Tony Lock ‘Big Data’ is a hot topic receiving considerable attention from the marketing[...]

Why you need an interactive archive

Many organisations today only archive data when there is some external legislative driver forcing their[...]

IT Service Management and Business Requirements

By Tony Lock A couple of years before terms such as “Cloud”, “Big Data” and[...]

Big Data and Analytics

Results of a web survey illustrate the state of business information and analytics today. Just[...]

Data Entry and Device Control

By Tony Lock When computers were first created, all attention was centred on getting answers[...]

Lack of Understanding inhibits adoption of Big Data

By Tony Lock Read any IT publication, online or hard copy, and it is hard[...]

Datacentre in a box – Something for everyone?

CIOs have a tough job delivering an expanding range of services to ever more demanding[...]

The Big Data Revolution

Big Data suffers misuse but at its heart is really about getting more value from[...]

What should CIOs be demanding of Storage Vendors?

In most organisations the acquisition of storage and its associated management tools was, until recently,[...]

Personal Use of a Windows Tablet in Business – It’s ready for operational use

There is no doubt that “Tablet” devices and “Slates” are attracting a lot of attention[...]

The Rise of User Centric IT – Is the consumerisation of IT a benefit to anyone?

There is a long history of end users wanting, or ‘needing’, to have ‘different’ tools[...]

Private Cloud and Data Centre Evolution

Will every data centre become a cloud? As nearly everyone working in IT understands, things[...]

Data fragmentation challenges restrict business flexibility

Business must be ready to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. For any organisation to[...]

Siloed approach to IT security increases business risk

It is said that the technology at the heart of IT changes at a bewildering[...]

Private Cloud and IT Service Delivery

The impacts on budgets, reporting and IT delivery models. When economic times are hard there[...]

Private Cloud Forecast – Sunny or Stormy times ahead for CIOs?

Businesses are still operating under enormous economic pressure and, as would be expected, this continues[...]

The infrastructure and management implications of Desktop Virtualisation

Desktops are now visibly mission critical Desktop Virtualisation is a topic that has enjoyed considerable[...]

Seven enablers of effective disaster recovery for SMEs

By Tony Lock In a nutshell: Recent research carried out by Freeform Dynamics identified seven[...]

Unified Infrastructure Management

Wonderful in theory, but few have it available Going back, say, five or ten years,[...]

Delivering better services with integrated management

What’s in it for IT professionals? When systems are implemented and managed in isolation, it[...]

Conducting the trio, not orchestrating a symphony

Tunes to get you started ’Dynamic workload management’ and ’private cloud’ are just two of[...]