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IT Infrastructure Management Must Move with the Times

The technologies and solutions used in the IT infrastructure have changed dramatically over the years,[...]

Key points to highlight when selling storage

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Stop fighting fires and start managing change

It’s treating the root cause of rigidity that really matters For most of the past[...]

SaaS based Email and Office Productivity

Over the course of many months there has been considerable coverage of ‘Cloud’ based office[...]

Storage Through the Looking Glass

Talk of storage technology makes business people yawn, but the state of the storage infrastructure[...]

Disaster Recovery in European SMBs

By Tony Lock, Martha Bennett and Dale Vile KEY POINTS The term ‘disaster recovery’ is[...]

IT is the least of the problems – but can it improve business change?

A lot of time and column inches have been spent over the years looking at[...]

Expert Clinic – Revamp the network to cope with explosion in mobile kit

Ethernet was originally conceived of as being used by networks consisting of limited numbers of[...]

Expert Clinic – Mixing network traffic types on Ethernet

For much of the past decade the “networking” that connects users to their applications and[...]

User Virtualization

The primary driver of today’s IT leaders is to enable better business management and execution,[...]

Expert Clinic – Cumulo Ethernet: Building Ethernet cloud fabrics

One subject that is getting plenty of attention in IT circles is “Cloud” although, truth[...]

The fog of software licensing: dissatisfaction reigns – even in clouds

There are some things in life that you just have to get on with, and[...]

The Ethernet traffic mix-up

For much of the past decade the “networking” that connects users to their applications and[...]

Software Licensing and Subscription

By Tony Lock KEY FINDINGS Few organisations know what software they are using The vast[...]

Server Virtualisation Snapshot

For much of the last three years x86 server virtualisation has been highly visible in[...]

Operating System Selection

Open Source and Proprietary – The Decision Criteria The selection of operating systems was once[...]

Server Virtualisation Scale-Up

By Tony Lock & Dale Vile KEY FINDINGS Server proliferation is still a challenge, and[...]

Compliance: The legal landscape and how to navigate it

Every IT professional recognises the im­portance of securing the IT systems on which critical business[...]

The evolution of desktop security

The operating habits of users render passwords as the primary mechanism to secure any application[...]

The mainframe comes of age … again?

Economic pressure has led to more finance directors and CFOs scrutinising expenditure to a painstaking[...]

Have you thought about using a mainframe for that?

Data centre managers and IT operations staff in large enterprises are now faced with a[...]

Desktop virtualisation: Myths jar with realities

Vendors have been pushing desktop virtualisation hard over the course of the past year. So[...]

Data Centre Orchestration webcast

In this Webinar Tony Lock, Tim Phillips (The Register), Graham Rushton (Avenade) and Greg Charman[...]

Modern-day desktop refresh

Our recent research highlights that many organisations are considering refreshing their desktop estates or have[...]