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IT-Business Alignment Revisited

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A mainframe-based cloud service?

As an industry analyst, it feels like I spend hours of my life sitting through[...]

Wake up, grandad: All the techies use social media

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End User Computing:

This paper is written for business executives and managers with an interest in how technology[...]

How to simplify your IT with cloud apps

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Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business

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Building an open cloud: Say no to silos

It’s a hybrid world. But proprietary clouds are hard to integrate and less flexible. On[...]

Controlling Application Access

Freeform Dynamics conducted a research study in early 2014 looking at trends and developments in[...]

Is Windows-everywhere a serious option for the modern business?

By Dale Vile Businesses bought into Windows two decades go. Many IT professionals today, in[...]

ADCs – Love them or hate them

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Managing virtual servers is still an issue for many

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Making the case for network modernisation

By Dale Vile Would you design your corporate network the way it is today if[...]

Get REAL about data location in the cloud

Where to put your data, how to decide in the real world Performance, compliance, privacy,[...]

Controlling Application Access

Application performance, availability and security challenges are quietly creeping up in the context of internal[...]

Predictions for 2014

My views on market developments in 2014 are not sensational, I’m afraid. I offer them[...]

Will the CMO inherit the Earth?

By Dale Vile Two narratives concerning the CIO/CMO relationship are doing the rounds at the[...]

Building a future proof service portfolio

By Dale Vile We constantly hear that cloud is the future and that distributors, resellers,[...]

Voice recognition in healthcare

By Dale Vile I first discovered dictation software back in 2001 when I ended up[...]

Customer Data Quality in Context

Are you a business manager/executive? Read on to find out why sometimes you may have[...]

Managing Customer Data Quality

IT Leaders and Architects, when was the last time you could look at one of[...]

Cloud – Is it an opportunity to increase your SMB Business?

SMBs are increasingly using cloud services, and want their local resellers and service providers to[...]