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Hyper-Scale Data Management

The term ‘Software Defined Storage’ is used to describe a wide range of ideas and[...]

Devices, recruitment and staff retention

In a nutshell Some say it’s not possible to recruit and retain good staff nowadays[...]

Build a DevOps culture

Everyone’s talking about DevOps, but not everyone can do it. This webcast covers the balance[...]


Meeting basic storage needs has been a necessity for some time now. But with rapid[...]

Creating the Storage Advantage

By Dale Vile Management Summary Most organisations are able to deal with their basic storage[...]

Industry analysts and the IT decision cycle

By Dale Vile Industry analysts provide information, insights and guidance to help technology buyers and[...]

Creating more harmony around end user computing

In a nutshell Tensions frequently arise between business units and the IT teams as users[...]

Insurance through the Looking Glass – Video

Customer-centric business in an increasingly digital world

Rethinking desktop delivery

In a nutshell Many IT professionals are weary of the relentless Windows upgrade spiral and[...]

User flexibility without the risk

In a nutshell Most organisations are seeing users and business groups starting to make their[...]

Insurance through the Looking Glass

Creating a more customer centric business environment has historically been hard to achieve. In this[...]

Security policy and EU data protection regulation

Websense research finds that 40% of UK security professionals never speak to their executive board[...]

The Politics and Practicalities of End User Computing

With the phenomenal rise in the adoption of smartphones, tablets and other desirable devices, many[...]

So what you gonna do about DevOps?

Having to deal with the ‘next big thing’ once or twice a year is a[...]

Avoiding the runaway code train

More and more code, delivered faster and faster. According to many, that’s the imperative if[...]

Flexible IT governance

We want flexibility but, if we’re not careful, we get governance confusion as well. In[...]

Into the Compute Era. Your data centre for the next 25 years

Converged infrastructure, the software defined data centre and cloud computing allow you to optimise your[...]

User desires versus business needs

Much has been written about the rise of user influence and power. Some of it[...]

The Democratization of IT Disaster Recovery

If it has been a while since you thought about your DR measures, or a[...]

The IT vendor empathy gap

Industry analysts, CIOs and others involved in the IT decision making process are on the[...]

Accommodating increased user influence

Business people often complain that the IT department is not keeping up with their needs.[...]