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The SaaS opportunity for SMBs

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Office 365 in context

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Unravelling the SMB SaaS opportunity for resellers

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SMBs are tumbling into the cloud? Oh get real

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The End User Security Jigsaw

Organisations of all sizes are trying to understand the security implications of mobile working, device[...]

Why I chose the MacBook Air over the Surface Pro

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The Data Protection Imperative

In this short paper, we spell out why the time has come to adopt a[...]

All about OpenStack

Proprietary cloud threatens lock-in, higher cost and application silos. There is an alternative: OpenStack is[...]

Virtualisation where are my savings?

Three years ago you listened to vendors telling you how much we would all save[...]

Storage Anywhere and Everywhere

With more departmental applications, collaboration and sharing environments, and even cloud-based services, with access via[...]

Think your IT department’s parochial? Try selling to SMEs

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BYOD beyond the noise

A lot has been said about the strategic advantages (and problems) of BYOD, but much[...]

Raising your game with Software as a Service

Cloud computing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) in particular, can in theory deliver a[...]

’Big Data changes EVERYTHING’ vs ’Hadoop? For my 200-customer biz?’

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Don’t forget the desktop

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Office Software Checkpoint

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Office 365 in Context

Users today are working in a highly connected manner, often across a range of different[...]

Workload placement in a hybrid world

Research shows that you are going to mix your platforms and deployment models in the[...]

Do SMBs have less of a mobile and collaboration need?

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Cloud is more about choice than hosting

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User driven IT adoption – Problem or opportunity?

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To PaaS or not to PaaS – that is the question

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