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Visualisation into action

Do you have lots of data but find it difficult to work out what it[...]

Lessons from the library: Behind the UK’s web archive

After all, the role of libraries in general has been increasingly threatened by the march[...]

Information in action

Information is power, right? Only if you can harness it and deliver it where and[...]

Data Protection Basics

Some things in life, such as taxes and the music of the younger generation, have[...]

Intelligent cacheing for optimised storage

Virtualisation is an accepted part of server and data centre strategy. One of the biggest[...]

Why does information management matter?

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time sounds like a[...]

BI 2010 – the state of play

By Jon Collins Information continues to grow, and yet the challenges we face in managing[...]

Putting ’I’ back in ’CIO’

Nice sound bite, but does the spirit make sense? On a few occasions recently I[...]

Resurrecting old jargon. BI versus decision support?

No one disputes the fact that there’s a lot of data kicking around in most[...]

Information versus the silos

The idea that ‘information is important and we want to do more useful things with[...]

Understanding your information assets

Information is power, right? Well, just how powerful must most organisations feel today, given the[...]

BI versus Decision Support

As an old timer in the industry, I remember the days when the term ‘decision[...]

Protective Monitoring

by Jon Collins and Martin Atherton MAIN POINTS CESG (Communications and Electronic Security Group) Good[...]

Search: What are you looking for?

By Martin Atherton In the very real world of business IT, the concepts, topics and[...]

Application Retirement: What about the Data?

by Jon Collins and Martin Atherton Introducing application retirement: what’s really important to you? Whatever[...]

Dynamic Business Intelligence

by Tony Lock and Dale Vile One of the most versatile assets many organisations have[...]

Information Management in the Retail Sector

by Martin Atherton EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Retail is the market where real-time decision making is catalysed[...]

Data Retention

by Jon Collins and Martin Atherton Earlier last year we conducted some research on the[...]

Missing Metadata

by Tony Lock When it comes to information, most organisations’ efforts have focussed on processing[...]

What governance can really mean to business

by Martin Atherton Governance is a term you’ll have heard bandied about a lot, usually[...]

Data Governance in the Software Lifecycle

by Martin Atherton, Jon Collins and Dale Vile Many organisations have been driving improvements in[...]

Data Governance in Software Testing

by Jon Collins In the research report Data Governance in the Software Lifecycle we consider[...]

Information Governance

by Martin Atherton and Jon Collins Forward thinking organisations no longer just talk about governance,[...]

Business Performance Management

by Dale Vile and Martin Atherton As markets become more complex and dynamic, is the[...]