Helping to plug the time and expertise availability gap

Compelling content is critical to get the best engagement and ROI from your PR and marketing campaigns. Credible and actionable assets are also invaluable in the field to help accelerate the sales process in the field. But as a marketing professional, you might sometimes struggle to secure the time of your internal experts to shape and author the assets you need. Your agency partners, meanwhile, might be great at production and execution, but can only go so far when creating specialist materials. This is where we come in with a range of content, research and sponsorship offerings driven by experienced industry analysts with deep market insights.

Sponsored Analyst Content

An independent analyst voice can lend weight and credibility to your message or proposition. From thought leadership or advisory material, through buyer’s guides or positioning documents, to full market studies, much of our independent content is open to sponsorship. As part of this, we are also happy to consider commissioned work if you come with an idea that addresses a clear market need.

Market Research Services

With Freeform Dynamics’ market research services, you get the best of both worlds. Everything is driven by experienced industry analysts with a deep understanding of the IT landscape and technology buyers. This ensures the end content will resonate and deliver good ROI on your research investment. At the same time, you are in charge and control all output, so you can brand it, reuse it and repurpose it as you wish.

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Creative Services

While the independence and authority of an analyst brand can add weight to many types of content, you often also need access to writers and designers who can help you build out your own-branded content portfolio. This is where our sister company Triadic Zone comes in. It’s an IT industry savvy creative agency that specialises in designing and building compelling content that you publish and distribute as your own.

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