Boost your launch or campaign with compelling, authoritative and independent content

Sponsoring analyst content is one of the best ways to unlock greater return on investment from your marketing spend. Leveraging the authority and impact of the independent analyst voice can help you position your solution more effectively with key buyers, enhance sales and marketing performance, and drive increased market visibility. All sponsored materials are co-branded. with an ‘About Sponsor’ section in the back.

Solution Positioning

Material to clarify and reinforce your proposition in a specific business context

Buyer’s Guide

An authoritative summary of context, business case essentials
and key selection criteria designed to accelerate buying decisions.

Business Fit Paper

Starts similar to a Buyers Guide, then summarises how your solution addresses the business need and meets relevant selection criteria.

Campaign Support

Material to help drive prospect engagement in the marketing cycle

Spotlight Feature Piece

A short, sharp feature-style article written to provoke thought on a single issue or idea. Suitable for publishing in PDF or HTML format.

Short Analyst Paper

A more structured ‘Inside Track’ analyst piece, designed to educate, orientate and motivate the target reader and stimulate action.

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