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Modern Storage for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Advanced solutions deliver SMBs power and simplicity

All-Flash Arrays

All-Flash is becoming ‘the new normal’ in enterprise storage, but is right consider it as[...]

The 2nd Generation All-Flash Opportunity Infographic

  Content Contributors: Dale Vile & Jack Vile

Getting into Software-Defined Storage

In a nutshell Software-defined storage, or SDS, has the potential to significantly change how you[...]

Understanding Software-Defined Storage

In a nutshell The term “software-defined storage” (SDS) is all over the press, yet sometimes[...]

The Enterprise Flash Imperative

From expensive luxury to essential enabler

Five years later, the hybrid cloud is real

When we surveyed over 300 IT and business professionals back in 2011 on their attitudes[...]

Getting all-flash storage investment approved

We are at an interesting time in the all-flash storage array market

Rethinking long term data management

The emerging role of active archiving

Unleashing the full potential of all-flash arrays

The network is part of the system too

Enterprise Flash – The New Normal?

In a nutshell All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) have come a very long way in a short[...]

Poor capacity planning is not our fault

Sysadmins explain why things are so crap

Big questions for those looking for answers in big data

“Some complex systems, such as the weather, are oblivious to our predictions. The process of[...]

All-flash storage uncertainty and doubt

In a nutshell All-flash arrays are arguably coming of age, but in an early market,[...]

A peek behind the AI bandwagon

When an important topic or trend gives rise to a marketing and media bandwagon, any[...]

Data encryption must be a priority for the digital business

Organizations large and small are investing in digital transformation programs, cloud migration projects, and enterprise[...]


With a combined market capitalization of $2.3 trillion, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft hold[...]

Everyone’s talking about Dedupe

In a nutshell Storage is a very hot topic in every data centre and computer[...]

Taking Sales Performance to the Next Level

So you’ve invested in CRM, and maybe a set of sophisticated modelling and analytics tools[...]

Cyber Security Ownership and Responsibility

It’s easy to be caught out by a cyber attack or internal mistake that leads[...]

Why are backup and recovery measures often not as robust as they should be?

Data protection is essential for every business and its importance cannot be underestimated for disaster[...]

Building a Curated Digital Hub

In a nutshell In today’s online business environment, with data spread broadly and widely, making[...]

Tackling End User Content Sprawl

In a nutshell The problem of content sprawl has been around since the early days[...]