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Creating more harmony around end user computing

In a nutshell Tensions frequently arise between business units and the IT teams as users[...]

Rethinking desktop delivery

In a nutshell Many IT professionals are weary of the relentless Windows upgrade spiral and[...]

User flexibility without the risk

In a nutshell Most organisations are seeing users and business groups starting to make their[...]

The Politics and Practicalities of End User Computing

With the phenomenal rise in the adoption of smartphones, tablets and other desirable devices, many[...]

How much of your mainstream IT capacity does mobility consume?

Few doubt the increasing popularity of mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets. Their numbers grow[...]

User desires versus business needs

Much has been written about the rise of user influence and power. Some of it[...]

The IT vendor empathy gap

Industry analysts, CIOs and others involved in the IT decision making process are on the[...]

Accommodating increased user influence

Business people often complain that the IT department is not keeping up with their needs.[...]

IT-Business Alignment Revisited

In some organisations, the tension between IT and business teams has come to a head[...]

Social media and why businesses need to embrace it

As a teenager just entering the world of business I had to go through a[...]

Wake up, grandad: All the techies use social media

Ever since I passed the big five-o, I have noticed more and more youngsters who[...]

User Access – Time for a change?

User expectations and the range of devices they use to access IT systems are growing[...]

End User Computing:

This paper is written for business executives and managers with an interest in how technology[...]

Mobile security is more than protecting local data

By now we’ve all heard the term Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This phenomenon is[...]

What are APT’s?

What is an APT? APT stands for Advanced Persistent Threat. The goal of this form[...]

Say What?

Recently I attended the IBM Security Systems Analyst Meet the Experts day in Heathrow. With[...]

Security: the oft-forgotten dimension

Computer security is a hot topic today, and much talked about. There are endless emanations[...]

Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business

You could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft has missed the boat with its Windows[...]

Desktop Virtualisation

Over the decades data centres and computer rooms have taken on many challenges in order[...]

Should you wait for a wall-to-wall Windows solution?

By Charles Brett Talking to end users and some vendors, especially from the mobile space,[...]

Is Windows-everywhere a serious option for the modern business?

By Dale Vile Businesses bought into Windows two decades go. Many IT professionals today, in[...]

Mobility Management Coming of Age

By Charles Brett 2014’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought together the mobile telephony infrastructure[...]

Controlling Application Access

Application performance, availability and security challenges are quietly creeping up in the context of internal[...]