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Is Windows-everywhere a serious option for the modern business?

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Mobility Management Coming of Age

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Controlling Application Access

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Predictions for 2014

My views on market developments in 2014 are not sensational, I’m afraid. I offer them[...]

Will the CMO inherit the Earth?

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Are we barking up the wrong mobile data protection tree?

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Voice recognition in healthcare

By Dale Vile I first discovered dictation software back in 2001 when I ended up[...]

Social Business and unknown unknowns

By Charles Brett At an Analyst Briefing in London in late September IBM described what[...]

Device Proliferation and Data Fragmentation

By Tony Lock Bring your own device (BYOD) continues to attract considerable attention, but the[...]

Unintended Enterprise Mobile Errors

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Office 365 in context

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The End User Security Jigsaw

Organisations of all sizes are trying to understand the security implications of mobile working, device[...]

Why I chose the MacBook Air over the Surface Pro

By Dale Vile Writing about two totally different machines in the same blog post might[...]

Storage Anywhere and Everywhere

With more departmental applications, collaboration and sharing environments, and even cloud-based services, with access via[...]

BYOD beyond the noise

A lot has been said about the strategic advantages (and problems) of BYOD, but much[...]

Don’t forget the desktop

By Dale Vile Ask anyone in the industry about the future of end user computing[...]

Office Software Checkpoint

By Dale Vile The desktop productivity space has been dominated for many years by Microsoft[...]

Office 365 in Context

Users today are working in a highly connected manner, often across a range of different[...]

Mobile solutions in enterprises pay:

By Charles Brett In this the fifth of various (of at least six) analyses of[...]

Mobility: Sync vs Async

By Charles Brett Since computing began there has been a non-battle between asynchronous and synchronous[...]

Empowering your users the ‘right way’

By Tony Lock Many organisations say their people are among the most valuable assets they[...]

Mobile solutions in enterprises pay:

By Charles Brett In the fourth of various at least six analyses of mobility and[...]