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Samsung vs Apple – which brand of smartphone is preferred?

By Team Freeform People feel strongly about their smartphones. This much was clear when we[...]

Mobile solutions in enterprises pay:

By Charles Brett This is the second of several assessments of mobility initiatives and the[...]

Mobile solutions in enterprises pay:

By Charles Brett Experience indicates there tend to be two schools of thought about deploying[...]

User driven IT adoption – Problem or opportunity?

By Dale Vile The latest catchy but dubious term to emanate from the vendor and[...]

Freedom without Anarchy

Empowering employees through the delegation of authority and trust can enhance innovation and productivity. But[...]

Getting going with Windows to Go

By Andrew Buss I’ve been using Windows 8 in various forms since the early previews,[...]

Click to call

By Andrew Buss The last few years have seen significant changes in end user computing.[...]

Email and collaboration options for MSPs

Cloud is a broad brush term that covers several different approaches to delivering IT services[...]

Martini induced client-server redux

By Dale Vile If you see the phrase ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ in relation to mobile[...]

Is your user base a moving target?

By Andrew Buss The last decade has seen a dramatic shift away from desktop computers[...]

Email is so last century

By Tony Lock Over the course of the last year or two an assertion has[...]

Are you a filer or a piler?

By Dale Vile How many email messages do you receive in the average working day[...]

Why you need an interactive archive

Many organisations today only archive data when there is some external legislative driver forcing their[...]

Data Entry and Device Control

By Tony Lock When computers were first created, all attention was centred on getting answers[...]

Windows 8 and the ‘Dad test’ stunts

While out and about shopping yesterday, I spotted a PC magazine in the newsagent advertising[...]

Windows 8 Perspectives – The power user and the teenager

Windows 8 has been criticised quite a bit in the press for some of the[...]

Social collaboration: From a faith-based to business-led approach

I have long been a sceptic of the ‘install it and they will figure out[...]

Personal Use of a Windows Tablet in Business – It’s ready for operational use

There is no doubt that “Tablet” devices and “Slates” are attracting a lot of attention[...]

The Rise of User Centric IT – Is the consumerisation of IT a benefit to anyone?

There is a long history of end users wanting, or ‘needing’, to have ‘different’ tools[...]

Does Microsoft need to change its policy on Windows upgrade pricing to drive tablet momentum?

Microsoft is unveiling a whole new generation of Windows on October 26th 2012, and significant[...]

How representative is social media data for marketing analytics?

You don’t have to move in specialist digital marketing circles to have come across the[...]

Data fragmentation challenges restrict business flexibility

Business must be ready to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. For any organisation to[...]

Siloed approach to IT security increases business risk

It is said that the technology at the heart of IT changes at a bewildering[...]

Analyst Headlines: Securing the Access

Andrew Buss discusses the impact of the mega trends such as the Consumerization of IT[...]