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Why backup to flash

Analyst Blog: There are some things that simply have to happen, no matter how modern[...]

Golden Copy Storage

What, why, when and how?

Modernize your SAP landscape

The 'no compromise' HCI option

Data protection is too complex for RTO and RPO to be singular

Analyst Opinion I think we can all agree that protecting data is important – perhaps[...]

2019 – The war between the business and IT is fake news

Some writers love a battle – or at least, the idea of one. So they[...]

Storage and Data Center Evolution

The role of NVMe and NVMe-oF

The pain of intermittent problems

Can data centres handle sporadic faults?

Are you ready for NVMe?

Analyst Blog IT has always been hit by marketing waves that speak of new systems[...]

NVMe – The State of Play

Is the new protocol ready to take the storage world by storm?

Refresh your thinking

You've got a platform problem

New financing models target IT’s acquisition challenges

Analyst opinion The availability of funding – or rather, the lack of it – is[...]

Data Centre Evolution

Will HCI change how we design and build core IT systems? The way we build[...]

NVMe: a fresh start for storage

It’s time for a real change, not just iterative AFA evolution

Persistent Container Storage: The Business Case

Considerations for organizations deploying containers in production

The mainframe returns – as a platform for large-scale Linux

Analyst opinion There are several ways to build large scale Linux server environments, with x86[...]

Operational Feedback and People

The overlooked element of DevOps

Millennial versus Mature – who’s the real IT security risk?

Analyst opinion Passwords have been the mainstay for securing applications, devices and the data they[...]

Data Protection Revisited – IT

A risk review and investment guide for IT professionals

Data Centre monitoring is not up to the job

What will it take to get investment? There is a quote that almost everyone working[...]

Desktop virtualization as an accelerator of digital transformation

Fast-track creation of a modern digital workspace

How Agile and DevOps enable digital readiness and transformation

In today’s world, software is everywhere – and it is spreading fast. Once it was[...]

Is your data centre ready for automation?

SDDC could be part of the answer, if only we can get there