What, why, when and how?

Every organization believes that the data it holds is important, and most will also recognize the need for comprehensive data visibility. Users might need up-to-date information to make business decisions or real-time operational adjustments, say, or to meet legal requirements by preparing compliance reports for auditors and regulators. 

And yet most organizations also recognize that users often experience problems and delays when looking for the information they need. Worse still, the cost can be high if they fail to find it in time. As well as direct business losses and of course the frustration it causes to users, failure or delay could damage customer and investor confidence, bring punitive fines for regulatory non-compliance, and much more.

The challenge, therefore, is to enable authorized users to find accurate data in a timely fashion, while also ensuring that their access to it is effectively governed. One potential solution is to build a “Golden Copy” data store – a storage infrastructure solution that addresses these challenges by acting as a central system of record for the organization. 

This paper will discuss why such a system is needed and what to bear in mind when implementing one. More importantly, it will look at how business pressures and technological developments have made the need for such systems more urgent than ever before.

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