In today’s world, software is everywhere – and it is spreading fast. Once it was just big enterprise applications, which changed slowly. Then it was web applications and mobile apps that varied week by week or even every hour. Today though, fast-changing software is part of everything that the business is, and everything that it does, from the systems it uses internally to its brand via the apps and services it provides to its customers.

The challenge for software development and IT operations teams is to be as agile and responsive as possible, extracting and utilizing insights and feedback to push things forwards rapidly, but securely. This is not an overnight change, but in a global survey of IT and business executives on how organizations are modernizing their software delivery practices, we found a group which has mastered the key principles, ‘The Agility Masters’. This group is already doing most or nearly all of the right things to make agile and DevOps an integral and essential part of how they function day by day. Download the research report to find out more …

Content Contributors: Tony Lock & Bryan Betts

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