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Driving for operational performance, agility and efficiency

Cloud computing has certainly challenged traditional thinking in relation to IT infrastructure and operations, but the datacentre remains critical to most organisations. Against this background, the aim is to create the right blend of modern infrastructure and services to meet ever-changing business needs and demands.

Getting real about IT sustainability

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The IT Transformation Imperative

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Don’t let your smart software suffer from poor platform choices

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S/4HANA without compromise

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Supporting the needs of highly unpredictable workloads

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The modern SD-WAN advantage

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Has the cloud caught up with the mainframe?

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Linux and sustainability

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Singing the key management blues

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Distributed Cloud Computing

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Why does ransomware still work?

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SMB-friendly IT solutions are needed

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Evaluating the potential of hyper-converged storage

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The business change agenda

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EDSFF: a new standard for enterprise SSDs

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Private cloud in contexts old and new

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Remember when cloud was going to kill the IT channel?

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