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Tackling the software skills crunch

How IT leaders grow their software engineering resources

Just because it’s innovative, doesn’t make it good!

One of my hobbyhorses at the moment is how words and adjectives that ought to[...]

To maximise potential, mainframers must reach out and engage

The team here has always had immense respect for the mainframe community

Does application modernisation mean what you think it means?

Most people in IT probably think they know what application modernisation is

Kubernetes and the open-source maintainer question

While much of October's KubeCon-CloudNativeCon North America

Supporting the needs of highly unpredictable workloads

It’s all about flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness

Like a teenager, Kubernetes looks almost grown-up, yet still a bit awkward and confused

Platform: that’s the key word that sprung to mind after attending Kubecon

Distributed Cloud Computing

An emerging strategic imperative for IT leaders

Is it a Suite, Package, Bundle or Platform?

People have been selling collections of products and tools for centuries, and with the advent[...]

Remember when Agile was treated with suspicion?

Throwback Thursday: When we researched the topic of Agile development back in 2008

Achieving success with your S/4HANA proof of concept (POC)

What to consider when selecting platforms, tools and services

Software-Accelerated S/4HANA Migration

Striking the right balance and maximizing ROI

The SMB solution selection challenge

It's all too easy for smaller businesses to get caught out

Data governance in software testing

Throwback Thursday: this week we're going back to 2008

Defining your SAP modernization journey

Quick wins on the road to S/4HANA

From data migration to VM mobility

Analyst Blog: We need to think differently about data migration

Get going with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Accelerating adoption of hybrid cloud

Accelerate to hybrid cloud

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub brings cloud into the data center

Consistency is key with hybrid cloud

Can Microsoft Azure Stack Hub negate your public cloud barriers?

The pain of intermittent problems

Can data centres handle sporadic faults?

Taking vSphere into the future

Which route – Converged, Hyper-converged or DIY?

The Application Complexity Monster

Do you really want to keep feeding it?

The Service Integration Journey Infographic

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