The Business of Electronic Data Storage

By Dale Vile, Tony Lock and Martha Bennett


Storage and retrieval of electronic data is now an integral and critical part of operations in any modern business, and the volumes that must be handled are growing dramatically and relentlessly. The data retention requirements arising from regulation and compliance are adding further to the challenge. Against this background, if your IT guys have not already requested additional investment in facilities to help store, secure and protect information more efficiently and effectively, then it’s only a matter of time. This short primer is designed to provide you with insights that will help you appraise such requests and make decisions on an objective business basis.

Content Contributors: Martha Bennett, Tony Lock & Dale Vile

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Dale is a co-founder of Freeform Dynamics, and today runs the company. As part of this, he oversees the organisation’s industry coverage and research agenda, which tracks technology trends and developments, along with IT-related buying behaviour among mainstream enterprises, SMBs and public sector organisations.