Digital Workplace Transformation

The business context for Windows 10 in financial services

There is a digital divide at the heart of many, or perhaps most, financial services organisations. The old saying ‘The cobbler’s children run barefoot’ puts it well: companies have invested in outward-facing digital services that benefit their customers and prospects, but they have ignored needs inside the organisation – or rather, in the aftermath of the 2008 global crisis and other problems, they have repeatedly kicked those needs down the road in order to save money. Now, almost a decade later, they – and you – cannot delay much longer. Fortunately, though, this modernisation imperative coincides with a number of other opportunities, each of them probably insufficient on its own to justify investment, but which taken together will allow you to digitally transform your workplaces for the 21st century. Chief among these is the opportunity to leverage work already done to transform your customer-facing technologies, together with innovative software that could remove the need for major desktop upgrade projects in the future. Download the Inside Track to read more …

Content Contributors: Dale Vile & Bryan Betts

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Bryan Betts is sadly no longing with us. He worked as an analyst at Freeform Dynamics between July 2016 and February 2024, when he tragically passed away following an unexpected illness. We are proud to continue to host Bryan’s work as a tribute to his great contribution to the IT industry.