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Creating a modern and well-managed digital workspace

Digital transformation investments have often majored on externally-facing systems such as customer engagement, but employees remain critical so must also be ‘digitally-enabled’. With this in mind, modern working practices, and the systems and services that are key to employee empowerment and productivity come into sharp focus.

The modern SD-WAN advantage

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What’s up with Google’s plan to supplant SMS and drive mobile e-commerce?

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The Post-Pandemic CIO

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Hybrid working isn’t turning out as expected

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Modernizing the digital workplace

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Citrix and Microsoft: who’s really leading the transformation agenda?

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Do you feel trapped by Microsoft?

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Has Windows 11 strengthened the case for Chromebooks?

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Which is worse: noise, or the sound of silence?

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Customer and employee experience

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Google Calendar auto-adds shared meeting notes

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Windows 11: could this ‘feel good’ update actually help IT pros?

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From virtual desktops to Chromebooks and the work-anywhere web

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Should Telcos become more like Amazon?

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The allure of the log-in-anywhere desktop

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Mobile moments and the past left far behind

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Is work-from-home really digital transformation?

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Business Response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic

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Remote working in a pandemic

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Why I’m uneasy about the Salesforce Slack acquisition

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Covid quick fix payback time

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Zero Trust: securing the endpoint

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A new perspective on the modern workplace

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