Mobile solutions in enterprises pay:

By Charles Brett

This is the second of several assessments of mobility initiatives and the associated RoI. It describes 5 instances of how mobile solutions improved field support:

  • In the first a company installing large scale solar power generation in remote sites (often without ready access to data communications) has a Quality Assurance (QA) process, that operates from project inception to completion. Originally the QA Team had used paper-based documentation. To replace this the company developed an app to place the paper-based QA processes and associated data capture on an iPad. QA now completes each QA process as part of each installation as the project proceeds, with data entered on site on the dedicated QA iPads. When an iPad is able to connect, it uploads the QA data to the main information systems. Over a complete project the company estimates the direct net savings as being worth US$900 per MegaWatt being being installed (for a typical 100 Megawatt power site this amounts to US$90,000 per project).

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