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Provisioning – how do you approach it?

Buying new physical servers has always taken time and effort. Unfortunately virtualisation has managed to[...]

Exploiting the new dynamism

Got the new kit? Now make it work A combination of today’s fast moving, interconnected[...]

Demystifying architecture for non-enterprise organisations

By Jon Collins Architecture, schmarchitecture… words like “architecture” get banded around in IT like they[...]

Change management in x86 server estates

Changes to the IT environment are the source of some of the biggest headaches for[...]

Is IT service delivery really changing?

The new world we’ve been hearing about for years is slowly drifting into focus. Globally[...]

Business Communications in Context

by Josie Sephton and Dale Vile The proliferation of communications channels has set expectations around[...]

Virtualisation and sorcery: We’re all apprentices now

It’s funny to think what might be made of this virtualisation lab in a few[...]

Are CIOs ready to use cloud computing?

By Tony Lock Seldom in the history of IT have CIOs faced a marketing barrage[...]

High Performance for All

by Jon Collins, Tony Lock and Dale Vile Most medium and large organisations need to[...]

Virtualisation and Security

As x86 / x64 server virtualisation moves into everyday operations, what impact does it have[...]

IT infrastructure for midsized companies

Zeynep Koch of Oracle joins Jon Collins to discuss IT infrastructure for midsized companies, the[...]

Infrastructure Consolidation

By Tony Lock Research results obtained by Freeform Dynamics towards the end of 2009 show[...]

Keep an eye on the big picture

By Martin Atherton In a nutshell: There are lots of things we could do to[...]

Can IT Financing and Management Models Survive IT Change?

By Tony Lock In a nutshell: The models used for businesses to create IT budgets[...]

Storage in the virtual era

by Freeform Dynamics The growth in use of server virtualisation technology is having a knock-on[...]

Approaching x86 Consolidation

by Freeform Dynamics All IT initiatives need an objective view of requirements and choices on[...]

Server Virtualisation for real: When your IT shop really is a Zoo

Keeping virtualised IT systems running requires more than technology. This webcast looks at how Chester[...]

How do you manage service levels in a virtualised environment?

In previous research projects we’ve examined the impact of service level monitoring and management, and[...]

The case for storage virtualisation

‘Virtualisation’ is acknowledged by IT professionals as being a pretty good thing. But when we[...]

Server Virtualisation for Hard-Nosed People

This webcast reveals the experiences of organisations who have extensive practice of x86 server virtualisation.[...]

Evolution of x86 Server Estates

by Dale Vile and Jon Collins Justifying the purchase of x86 servers to run new[...]

Desktop Modernisation

by Dale Vile and Tony Lock The personal computer is one of the few parts[...]

Breaking out of the virtualisation pilot

By Jon Collins The IT industry is full of bad habits, none greater than treating[...]

What is service management?

This 60-minute webcast features Martin Atherton and Tony Lock, who donning business and IT hats[...]