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The strategic upside of power accountability

By Dale Vile Research conducted by Freeform Dynamics a year ago suggested that the majority[...]

Making IT Work In The Real World

Most organisations run a mix of systems in their IT infrastructure. One of the challenges[...]

SOA and Growth Markets

by Jon Collins and Dale Vile KEY FINDINGS SOA is as relevant in growth economies[...]

BT and Cloud

By Dale Vile While the cloud computing market is in its infancy at the moment,[...]

Clarity on Cloud

By Dale Vile A senior exec from a major IT vendor recently commented in a[...]

Server Platforms and Operating Systems

By Tony Lock What’s happening today in the server infrastructures deployed by organisations, large and[...]

Challenging the cloud revolution

By Dale Vile Some niche and emerging enterprise IT suppliers, such as, Google and[...]

The Business Service Management Imperative

by Jon Collins What is Business Service Management, anyway? Business Service Management (BSM) has been[...]

WAN Optimisation

There is a lot of talk concerning ’Cloud services’. But what are some of the[...]

How to ensure a smooth converged comms transition

by Josie Sephton Converged communications promises to accelerate business processes and remove frustration and friction[...]

Taking stock of the IT environment

by Martin Atherton and Jon Collins The business demands more and more from its investment[...]

Application Platforms

by Jon Collins and Martin Atherton KEY FINDINGS The principle of application platforms is clear,[...]

Taking cloud to the mainstream

by Dale Vile The hype around cloud computing is pretty intensive. The IT industry and[...]

Data Centres, Carbon and Clouds

by David Tebbutt The purpose of this paper is to set the data centre and[...]

Service Orientation in Business

by Jon Collins KEY FINDINGS While change is a certainty in business, some still struggle[...]

Risk and Resilience

The application availability gamble The modern business is highly dependent on IT. When systems go[...]

Cloud Computing: Silver lining…

by David Tebbutt Since so many people are talking about cloud computing, it really wouldn’t[...]

Green Computing

By David Tebbutt and Dale Vile Today’s newspapers are awash with green initiatives. Where computers[...]

IT on the front foot

by Jon Collins and Dale Vile A number of new and established approaches to IT[...]

Storage Vendors for All Sizes

by Tony Lock I have spent a lot of time over the course of the[...]

The Great Virtualization Debate

by Tony Lock With virtualization close to the top of every CIO’s to do list,[...]

Relieving the Systems Management Burden

by Martin Atherton The management of operational IT is not without its challenges, indeed it[...]

IT Management Checkpoint

by Martin Atherton Existing IT management strategies have enabled organisations to take control of their[...]

Life in the SaaS lane

by Dale Vile Evangelists will tell you that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the[...]