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Selling the cloud

Vendors are pushing cloud for all they are worth. And customers talk about it too,[...]

Time for action on storage management

The amount of data stored by organisations continues to grow very fast. It has become[...]

IT infrastructure for mid-sized organizations

By Jon Collins IT infrastructure is often presented in a way that is more relevant[...]

Servers: Getting a grip on power and control

The Register’s Tim Phillips, our own Andrew Buss and Intel’s Iain Beckingham give power efficiency[...]

Mobile virtualisation

By Josie Sephton Given the push towards platform virtualisation as a way of optimising hardware[...]

The pre-integration balancing act

For as long as I have been in IT, the ‘right’ way to drive things[...]

The software licensing minefield

Software vendors make their money from licensing software for individual and corporate use. From the[...]

Evolution of Hosted Server Computing

by Dale Vile There has been much talk and activity in the industry recently around[...]

Understanding the market for elastic cloud services

By Dale Vile The idea of utility computing has been around for a long time,[...]

Cloud Confusion

By Tony Lock In this article we revisit some research conducted in 2008, covering perceptions[...]

Driving value from IT

Audience – IT decision makers Occasion – CA Mainframe Madness May 2010 Presenter(s) – Jon[...]

What’s in the box? Supporting chipsets and virtualisation demands

Selecting the right choice of components for an industry standard x64 server is much more[...]

The impact of virtualisation on securing systems

Virtualisation has become an established trend in the x86 server market and is moving into[...]

Servers: Refurbish, repurpose or recycle?

With the worst of the recession looking to have passed (touch wood), things are looking[...]

But is that really cloud? Check out this survey

Some have accused me of being a cloud computing sceptic, and it’s true that I[...]

But is that really cloud computing?

By Dale Vile The term ‘cloud computing’ is in routine use within the IT industry.[...]

Why server virtualisation can store up trouble

The cost savings and performance offered by server virtualisation can raise unforeseen issues for storage[...]

What’s in store for availability management?

Roughly speaking, availability management is what your organisation does to ensure IT services stay up[...]

Building high availability into IT

What does ‘high availability’ actually mean in the context of IT today? We’ve written elsewhere[...]

Server financing: CAPEX, OPEX or something else

In the current economic climate access to spending money is tight across all businesses. In[...]

Securing Your Network

In this three part podcast Jason Stamper, editor at CBR, talks to Jon Collins and[...]

Workload selection on mixed server estates

Over the last year or so Freeform Dynamics has asked Reg readers if the new[...]

Server patching principles. The nirvana process

In the imperfect world we live in, patching stuff, be it desktops, software or servers[...]

Architecting for IT service delivery

A few years back I was involved in a project that turned out far more[...]