Cloud computing in one form or another has been around for a very long time. It must therefore now be an integral part of everything you do in IT – right? Well the truth is that, regardless of evangelist and special-interest rhetoric, cloud has far from overtaken the world of Enterprise IT, especially in its hosted or ‘public’ form. Reasons for this range from questions over security and compliance, to concerns about loss of control, runaway costs, lack of market maturity, vendor lock-in, and a whole host of other fears, uncertainties and doubts. Even so, cloud clearly comes with a lot of potential benefits, which many have discovered as they have gained experience. And as a by-product of adoption, cloud has even reset expectations of what can be achieved with technology, changing mind-sets along the way. With technology and services continuing to evolve, however, the question is whether cloud investments to date have laid a good enough foundation for the future, or whether it’s potentially time to shake things up and look at new options. This question is explored with the help of input from 668 IT professionals who generously gave us their views and insights in a recent online survey.

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