Data Centre Orchestration webcast

In this Webinar Tony Lock, Tim Phillips (The Register), Graham Rushton (Avenade) and Greg Charman (Microsoft) look at the potential use of automation and orchestration solutions in computer rooms and data centres.

The Web cast considers what is driving organisations towards greater use of automation technologies and how to move from there to service orchestration.

Topics discussed include what tasks make good candidates to automate when investigating automation and service orchestration and what inhibitors need to be overcome to get major benefits. Is now the time to “do it ourselves before someone tries to do it to us”?

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Tony is an IT operations guru. As an ex-IT manager with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, his extensive vendor briefing agenda makes him one of the most well informed analysts in the industry, particularly on the diversity of solutions and approaches available to tackle key operational requirements. If you are a vendor talking about a new offering, be very careful about describing it to Tony as ‘unique’, because if it isn’t, he’ll probably know.