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Enterprise 2.0 and the issue of workforce composition

Following on from my previous post on the importance of social media enthusiasts breaking out[...]

IT Delivery in the Downturn

by Dale Vile and Tony Lock KEY POINTS Most IT professionals see challenges on the[...]

BPM: lessons from the real world

by Martin Atherton, Jon Collins and Dale Vile Is business process management a cure-all for[...]

Taking cloud to the mainstream

by Dale Vile The hype around cloud computing is pretty intensive. The IT industry and[...]

Service Orientation in Business

by Jon Collins KEY FINDINGS While change is a certainty in business, some still struggle[...]

Secure USB

by Jon Collins When the USB standard was first launched, few would have imagined the[...]

Risk and Resilience

The application availability gamble The modern business is highly dependent on IT. When systems go[...]

New technologies, new risks

by Jon Collins The future of IT security seems like a straightforward discussion – focused,[...]

Cloud Computing: Silver lining…

by David Tebbutt Since so many people are talking about cloud computing, it really wouldn’t[...]

Why IT must escape the belt-tightening

by Martin Atherton Negative vibes have a habit of becoming reality. The higher cost of[...]

Systems management hits impasse

by Martin Atherton Most of what the IT department does these days can be rationalised[...]

The Outsourcing Force

by Jon Collins What does the future of development outsourcing look like? Freeform Dynamics has[...]

IT on the front foot

by Jon Collins and Dale Vile A number of new and established approaches to IT[...]

The Register Buzz Report

In association with The Register IT buyers’ views of technology vendors are shaped by a[...]

Relieving the Systems Management Burden

by Martin Atherton The management of operational IT is not without its challenges, indeed it[...]

IT Management Checkpoint

by Martin Atherton Existing IT management strategies have enabled organisations to take control of their[...]

Life in the SaaS lane

by Dale Vile Evangelists will tell you that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the[...]

IT and the Environment: Part 1

by David Tebbutt Call it green, call it sustainability, call it environment, the name doesn’t[...]

IT and the Environment: Part 2

by David Tebbutt Say ’green’ to most enterprise IT suppliers and they fire back with[...]

IT and the Environment: Part 3

by David Tebbutt Let’s be clear about one thing, if the developing world wants to[...]

Mobility and Connectivity

by Jon Collins and Dale Vile During the middle part of 2007, Freeform Dynamics ran[...]

Evaluating Mobile Email Solutions

by Dale Vile   Now that mobile email is moving into the mainstream, with technology[...]

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