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Challenging the traditional boundaries between IAM and UEM

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Making IT sustainability more objective and actionable

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Tape is back on the main menu

The news that another of the big players in global file systems, Hammerspace, has integrated[...]

Can steel fences halt the march of cyber?

Cyber: for some, it’s a prefix that conjures up images of Dr Who’s silvery cyborg[...]

It’s time to look again at IT and Software Asset Management

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Standardized solution implementation services

Shorten time-to-value, reduce costs and risks, and future-proof your investment

Digital identity: the many images of you

More and more of the topics we deal with at Freeform Dynamics now also relate[...]

Trust: easy to lose, hard to recover

Here are just a few of the topics that my fellow Freeformers and I have[...]

Getting real about IT sustainability

From good intentions to tangible results through smart systems selection

Have you made the right platform choices to minimise risk?

Critical systems have to run and run…

S/4HANA without compromise

A modern ERP architecture needs a powerful and future-proof platform

Digital identity and opening up the smartwallet

When an 80 year-old relative asks you how she can use her phone to both[...]

Linux and sustainability

The emerging role of modern, high-scale consolidation platforms

Singing the key management blues

We need cryptographic keys, but who is going to manage them?

Why does ransomware still work?

As someone who first encountered ransomware during the last millennium

Ransomware teaches the importance of data protection

Several years ago, around the time that ransomware attacks started making the front pages

Forget the ‘free’ software, the real value of open-source is the collaboration

Analyst Opinion: It’s a cliché, but why are we still reinventing wheels?

Which is worse: noise, or the sound of silence?

Analyst Opinion: If you’re one of the many people who find offices too noisy

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What to consider when selecting platforms, tools and services

The business need for simpler storage

What to consider when planning for modern IT in the hybrid cloud era

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Time to tune into those non-revenue goals

Data governance in software testing

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