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Which is worse: noise, or the sound of silence?

Analyst Opinion: If you’re one of the many people who find offices too noisy

Google Calendar auto-adds shared meeting notes

Analyst Opinion: If, like me, you often find yourself hunting for notes

Is it a Suite, Package, Bundle or Platform?

People have been selling collections of products and tools for centuries, and with the advent[...]

Is ‘suite’ becoming a dirty word?

How much attention do you pay to the pros and cons of software and service[...]

Windows 11: could this ‘feel good’ update actually help IT pros?

Much has been written about Windows 11, and many YouTube videos have been published. If[...]

Where vendors too often go wrong: SMBs need enterprise-grade IT too

For far too long now, many vendors seem to have assumed that the IT requirements[...]

Remember when Agile was treated with suspicion?

Throwback Thursday: When we researched the topic of Agile development back in 2008

Is IT investment handled better now than a decade ago?

Throwback Thursday: People like to think that the way IT works with business has changed

From virtual desktops to Chromebooks and the work-anywhere web

Throwback Thursday: If there’s one thing our report from eight years ago reminds us

The allure of the log-in-anywhere desktop

How can organisations simplify desktop management if we all still want our own devices?

Of cats and clouds

A lifetime TCO question

So many ways to pay for IT

Which best suits your needs?

The SMB solution selection challenge

It's all too easy for smaller businesses to get caught out

The business change agenda

Throwback Thursday: Research carried out in 2011

How to boost supplier commitment without spending more money

Time to tune into those non-revenue goals

Even data fragmentation has gone virtual

Throwback Thursday: If there’s one thing our report from eight years ago reminds us

Data governance in software testing

Throwback Thursday: this week we're going back to 2008

Private cloud in contexts old and new

Throwback Thursday: What a difference a decade can make

Mobile moments and the past left far behind

Throwback Thursday We have looked at many reports from years ago that show that, whilst[...]

Remember when cloud was going to kill the IT channel?

Throwback Thursday: taking a regular stroll in the Freeform Dynamics archives. 

Has the data centre of the future already arrived?

Throwback Thursday: Predicting the future back in 2012

Effective IT recovery in small/midsize businesses, 10 years on? Maybe tomorrow…

Throwback Thursday: this week we're going back to 2011

The #WFH ‘New Normal’ is nothing of the sort

Analyst Opinion At least, not yet. The world is still in the very abnormal grip[...]

10 years on, and HPC is taken for granted

Throwback Thursday: Heading back to 2010