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Make the camera work for you, not against you

Analyst Opinion: Hands up anyone who expected not just to spend 2020 at home, but[...]

The pandemic and productivity: a Covid-19 conundrum

Analyst Opinion “I’ve never been more productive!” With so many people getting their first experience[...]

Are you ready to pay the ‘mental debts’ of Covid-19?

Analyst Opinion It’s easy to predict many of the pains that are going to hit[...]

AI without tears: the drive for automation and self-service

Analyst Opinion In the post-pandemic, post-Brexit world, businesses of all sorts face a range of[...]

How Covid-19 can sicken your AI apps too

Analyst Opinion AI might not be the first thing you think of when you start[...]

Outsourcing: a clear look at a cloudy subject

Analyst Opinion “Wasn’t cloud just another name for outsourcing back then?” joked another guest in[...]

Data protection is too complex for RTO and RPO to be singular

Analyst Opinion I think we can all agree that protecting data is important – perhaps[...]

Consent and GDPR: get the basics right!

Analyst Opinion Why do companies find it so hard to get their heads around even[...]

For business AI, focus on psychology, not technology

Analyst Opinion There’s no doubt now that AI works, and it can work very well[...]

DevOps needs more perspective and humility

Analyst Opinion DevOps started as a grass-roots movement led by practitioners. The motives were pure,[...]

Today’s hybrid clouds look more closed than open

Analyst Opinion We’ve had convergence towards hybrid clouds and ‘universal’ applications, but now we are[...]

Kubernetes catches up with operational reality

Analyst Opinion With Kubernetes now established in many organisations as the container orchestration platform of the future,[...]

Mea culpa: Trendy isn’t the same as important

Analyst Opinion I hate it when you realise that your point of reference has been[...]

New financing models target IT’s acquisition challenges

Analyst opinion The availability of funding – or rather, the lack of it – is[...]

Threat vs trust: the overlooked power of words

Analyst Opinion Words have power – in particular, your choice of words modifies how your[...]

Growing fast, OpenStack shakes off old misconceptions

Analyst opinion One of the most interesting things about the recent Open Infrastructure Summit – the new[...]

Hard drives that do their own data processing

Analyst opinion It’s getting hard these days to find places where container technology doesn’t feature,[...]

Cybersecurity needs both psychologists and generals

Analyst opinion Many cybersecurity professionals like military analogies. Indeed, some security pros are ex-military. But[...]

Beware the application complexity monster

Analyst opinion How many new applications, tools, devices, and cloud services have you introduced into[...]

How Brexit-friendly are your SaaS contracts?

Analyst opinion If you think Brexit will be advantageous for the UK economy and the[...]

Six months on, GDPR is a qualified success

Analyst opinion Anyone hoping that we would by now have greater clarity on GDPR will[...]

How long will your New Year stay Happy?

The Freeform Dynamics fortune-telling kit has been dusted off for 2019. Here some of the[...]

Google Chrome: It’s more than a browser

Chrome has come a long way, but the journey might only just be starting I[...]

Don’t ignore the complexity of hybrid multi-cloud

Analyst opinion Many vendors will argue that moving to cloud brings consistency and simplicity, thanks[...]