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Forget the ‘free’ software, the real value of open-source is the collaboration

Analyst Opinion: It’s a cliché, but why are we still reinventing wheels?[...]

Which is worse: noise, or the sound of silence?

Analyst Opinion: If you’re one of the many people who find offices too noisy[...]

Google Calendar auto-adds shared meeting notes

Analyst Opinion: If, like me, you often find yourself hunting for notes[...]

Is it a Suite, Package, Bundle or Platform?

People have been selling collections of products and tools for centuries, and with the advent[...]

Is ‘suite’ becoming a dirty word?

How much attention do you pay to the pros and cons of software and service[...]

Windows 11: could this ‘feel good’ update actually help IT pros?

Much has been written about Windows 11, and many YouTube videos have been published. If[...]

Where vendors too often go wrong: SMBs need enterprise-grade IT too

For far too long now, many vendors seem to have assumed that the IT requirements[...]

Remember when Agile was treated with suspicion?

Throwback Thursday: When we researched the topic of Agile development back in 2008[...]

Is IT investment handled better now than a decade ago?

Throwback Thursday: People like to think that the way IT works with business has changed[...]

From virtual desktops to Chromebooks and the work-anywhere web

Throwback Thursday: If there’s one thing our report from eight years ago reminds us[...]

The allure of the log-in-anywhere desktop

How can organisations simplify desktop management if we all still want our own devices?[...]

Of cats and clouds

A lifetime TCO question[...]

So many ways to pay for IT

Which best suits your needs?[...]

The SMB solution selection challenge

It's all too easy for smaller businesses to get caught out[...]

The business change agenda

Throwback Thursday: Research carried out in 2011[...]

How to boost supplier commitment without spending more money

Time to tune into those non-revenue goals[...]

Even data fragmentation has gone virtual

Throwback Thursday: If there’s one thing our report from eight years ago reminds us[...]

Data governance in software testing

Throwback Thursday: this week we're going back to 2008[...]

Private cloud in contexts old and new

Throwback Thursday: What a difference a decade can make[...]

Mobile moments and the past left far behind

Throwback Thursday We have looked at many reports from years ago that show that, whilst[...]

Remember when cloud was going to kill the IT channel?

Throwback Thursday: taking a regular stroll in the Freeform Dynamics archives. [...]

Has the data centre of the future already arrived?

Throwback Thursday: Predicting the future back in 2012[...]

Effective IT recovery in small/midsize businesses, 10 years on? Maybe tomorrow…

Throwback Thursday: this week we're going back to 2011[...]

The #WFH ‘New Normal’ is nothing of the sort

Analyst Opinion At least, not yet. The world is still in the very abnormal grip[...]