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Understanding the market and connecting with customers

Engaging effectively with the market to drive new and sustainable business, while developing profitable longer-term relationships, requires an intimate knowledge of customers and their priorities. We have pulled together materials in this section to help as you look to optimise your go-to-market plans and activities.

VMware’s breadth and depth impresses, but is it still a safe bet?

At the recent VMware Explore conference in Barcelona[...]

What’s up with Google’s plan to supplant SMS and drive mobile e-commerce?

Ask most people what RCS stands for, and you’ll probably get a blank look.[...]

HP Inc’s Poly opportunity: look beyond devices and software to a real collaboration strategy

Could its takeover of workspace collaboration specialist Poly[...]

Got a strong story to tell? Don’t settle for a place in the chorus

Have you lost your voice? Or is the market just not hearing you?[...]

Is it a Suite, Package, Bundle or Platform?

People have been selling collections of products and tools for centuries, and with the advent[...]

Where vendors too often go wrong: SMBs need enterprise-grade IT too

For far too long now, many vendors seem to have assumed that the IT requirements[...]

So many ways to pay for IT

Which best suits your needs?[...]

EDSFF: a new standard for enterprise SSDs

Bringing NMVe up to date with the needs of the data center[...]

Remember when cloud was going to kill the IT channel?

Throwback Thursday: taking a regular stroll in the Freeform Dynamics archives. [...]

Why I’m uneasy about the Salesforce Slack acquisition

Analyst Opinion: Most coverage on the Salesforce acquisition of Slack has focused on the industry[...]

Seeking storage flexibility, scalability and automation

Can Software Defined Storage provide some answers?[...]

It is time to reconsider Server Based Storage

What you thought you knew about storage has changed[...]

Key factors in the network security buying decision

How – and why – network security professionals select solutions and suppliers[...]

Lifecycle Management of HCI Systems

Every element of the solution needs attention[...]

The pain of intermittent problems

Can data centres handle sporadic faults?[...]

The truth about software reliability

Research results: It's not just about quality[...]

Optimizing the software supplier and customer relationship

Insights and lessons from the sharp-end[...]

Content priorities in the IT decision cycle

Optimising your digital asset portfolio for maximum impact[...]

Operational Feedback and People

The overlooked element of DevOps[...]

Disrupting workforce stereotypes through digital transformation

The workplace has always been the visible face of change, shifting between evolution and revolution[...]

How will Apple increase its market relevance in 2018?

Belief systems have a time and place[...]

Is Hybrid Computing Taking Place?

Research reveals the reality of hybrid computing[...]

The politics and practicalities of IT procurement

Is cloud becoming a strategic disrupter?[...]