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What are you doing to ensure your IT suppliers work for you?

Navigating the Complex IT Supplier Landscape in 2024 It is a truism that IT evolves[...]

Making supplier management work better

68 IT leaders provide their insights

Optimising your supplier base for 2024

    Other infographics in this series are Making supplier management work better and Getting[...]

Getting the most from your key suppliers

    Other infographics in this series are Making supplier management work and Optimising your[...]

Can contributing to open source get you a job?

Could voluntary work on open source projects be a stepping stone to employment?

What does “Investment in Generative AI” actually mean?

I’ve found myself in a number of conversations recently where the discussion has turned to[...]

Broadcom swings its axe at VMware

What a difference a week can make. The dust had barely settled on Broadcom’s $69bn acquisition of[...]

Broadcom finally swallows VMware: what now?

The news that Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has finally gone through, after more than a[...]

A CX perspective on the Contact Centre

Automation, AI and the transition to a new era

CIO perceptions of vendor AI marketing

With all the recent press coverage, it’s not surprising to see IT vendors clamouring to[...]

Time to sound the alarm as AI hype catches fire

One of the most worrying things that’s coming out of recent research

It’s time to look again at IT and Software Asset Management

In the realm of IT administration, it’s all too easy to get stuck in familiar[...]

An AI crash is coming: don’t let it drag you down

All the signs are there that an AI crash is coming: overinflated claims and dodgy[...]

But is that really Artificial Intelligence?

CIOs speak out on the validity of vendor AI claims

CIO Priorities and Interests 2023

Reflecting on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023

Just because it’s innovative, doesn’t make it good!

One of my hobbyhorses at the moment is how words and adjectives that ought to[...]

Are tech vendors pulling their weight on fixing fragmented IT?

Many organisations have silo’d data and fragmented IT systems, but

VMware’s breadth and depth impresses, but is it still a safe bet?

At the recent VMware Explore conference in Barcelona

IT investment reality check

5 things every technology marketing person needs to know about IT budgeting and decision-making

Engaging for success

It takes more than a good product

What’s up with Google’s plan to supplant SMS and drive mobile e-commerce?

Ask most people what RCS stands for, and you’ll probably get a blank look.

Got a strong story to tell? Don’t settle for a place in the chorus

Have you lost your voice? Or is the market just not hearing you?