Application Platforms Matter

Against the backdrop of digital transformation, and a more general escalation of demands on IT, it is natural to explore different ways of delivering IT services. With this in mind, we weren’t surprised to see cloud and more traditional outsourcing options being prioritised by many of the 378 senior IT professionals taking part in a recent research study. Something that came through even more strongly, however, was a clear imperative to modernise the datacentre. Indeed, the best performers in our study, i.e. those more effectively delivering IT services to the business, seemed to be prioritising datacentre investments more than their mainstream counterparts.

Content Contributors: Dale Vile & Jack Vile

Dale is a co-founder of Freeform Dynamics, and today runs the company. As part of this, he oversees the organisation’s industry coverage and research agenda, which tracks technology trends and developments, along with IT-related buying behaviour among mainstream enterprises, SMBs and public sector organisations.