Taking the reins at Freeform Dynamics

Today, I take over from Dale as MD (or CEO, depending which side of the Atlantic you are on) of Freeform Dynamics. It’s pretty much three years to the day that Freeform Dynamics first went live, and it is testament to Dale and Helen’s vision back then, and their driving efforts since, that we should have developed a reputation for world-class research of the global IT market.

Freeform Dynamics was founded on the basis that while organisations might baulk at the ongoing costs of their research subscriptions, they would still need the best possible information. Fundamental to the Freeform approach, ethos and culture is keeping tuned into the real consumers of IT, not just CIOs but decision makers and technology users across the board. It is true that as we approach the end of 2008, we are living in very different economic times to three years ago. However, it is perhaps based on this initial philosophy that we are seeing demand for our community research services increasing, even in the current climate.

We’re in an enviable position, and while I am in no way complacent I am nonetheless delighted to be building on the sound foundation that Dale has put in place. It takes a lot of gumption to see when is a good moment to hand over the reins, particularly when things are going well, and I’d like to thank Dale wholeheartedly for both getting Freeform Dynamics to where it is today, and offering me the opportunity to take things forward. I look forward to working with you all in 2009.

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