Get a Life..Cycle

Meetings with two different vendors recently got me thinking about ‘opposites’ and how it’s probably quite uncommon for organisations to think about IT solutions aimed at opposite ends of the development – operations spectrum at the same time.

As well as sharing a name with one of my favourite bands, Gomez offers application performance services from the user’s perspective. It will also, if you want, provide guidance on how to improve customer experience by designing web apps properly in the first place. Given that most organisations with which it works already have some kind of online presence, the practical reality is more akin to re-engineering and improving, rather than starting from scratch, but that’s by the by. Neverfail offers disaster recovery software and data protection. In a nutshell, it helps you back up after a fall.

So, back to the point: if you employ application lifecycle management, does it tell you what to look at in terms of designing-in protection or applying operational protection where most appropriate? Does portfolio management? Do you have an ‘eyes open’ understanding of where weaknesses might exist in the fundamentals (scope, design, architecture, and audience) all the way through testing to the operational end? (IT and user training, systems management and security).

If no, you’d never think about a Gomez or a Neverfail at the same time. If yes, you might, and you might end up applying your resources, time and budget more effectively than the next man.

Disclaimer: Neverfail is a client.

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