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The following sample content has been assembled to help Komprise get a feel for some of the asset types recently discussed with Bryan Betts  Tony Lock and Dale Vile. The items listed below are just the tip of the iceberg from a content perspective, so please feel free to explore our website more broadly, and/or contact Bryan, Tony, or Dale if you have any questions.

Buyers Guides

Structured and visually engaging short-form documents summarising key considerations when making a decision in a particular area. May be aimed at either IT or business buyers (decision-makers, influencers and stakeholders), with the language and perspective tuned to the target audience. Typically 3-4 pages.

Taming your information sprawl with cloud data management

An Evaluation Guide for Business

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Zero Trust: securing the endpoint

How continuous authentication could help secure the work-anywhere world

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Analytics-Driven Storage Management

An evaluation and decision guide for IT leaders and professionals

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Business Fit Papers

The ‘Business Fit’ formula takes the idea of a Buyer’s Guide on a step further. After outlining the business considerations, we walk through your specific product or service to illustrate how a modern solution can translate theory into reality, and put principles into practice. Typical length, 6-8 pages, including graphics.

Manage your data, not just your storage

Don’t get burnt by keeping ‘cold’ data on expensive ‘hot’ storage systems

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AI in Industry: The Myths and Reality

Machine Learning as a key enabler of next-generation industry

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Digital workspace disasters and how to beat them

New roles for user management and app deployment in the digital workspace

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Solution Positioning eBook

Similar to a Business Fit Paper, but more graphical and interactive, and presented in the sponsor’s livery (with full vendor branding). The first ‘guest section’ outlines business considerations using the analyst voice, but we switch to the vendor voice for the solution walk-through. Typically 8 pages of content.

The Agile Intelligent Enterprise: Making the Business Case for SAP S/4HANA

Clever Planning for a Successful Migration

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Modernize your SAP landscape

The 'no compromise' HCI option

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Online Assessment Tools

Prospects often need to assess their current position to move forward with a decision. To enable this, we design an interactive scorecard to collect and analyse customer input and give relevant advice. We provide a full-function prototype that any developer can turn into an online engagement/lead-generation tool.

Data Maturity Self-Assessment


How close is your organization to becoming a data-driven business?


Workplace Maturity Self-Assessment


Are you ready for the future of work?